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    Now in many large supermarkets, consumers can buy all kinds of potatoes made of staple products. Potato staple products in changing people's eating habits, but also affect the development of the potato industry. Recently, in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences organized the "Agricultural Forum" special report, the long-term research and development of potato staple food Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Agricultural Products Research researcher Zhang Hong said that China's potato staple products have reached more than 200 kinds of industrial development Prospects are broad, predicted to 2025, staple food strategy is expected to pull potato production reached 220 million tons, driven by agricultural products processing value of over 300 billion yuan.


Fresh food failed to release potato added value

  China is a big potato production, the output is considerable, but the lack of consumption. Data show that in 2013, the world's total potato output reached 376 million tons, of which China's potato production reached 96 million tons, ranked first in the world, but per capita consumption of only 42 kg, the consumption of potato origin only half of Peru. At the same time, Europe and the United States developed potatoes mainly in the form of processing consumption, processed products accounted for nearly 70% of total output, while China is still in the form of fresh consumption, processing products less than 10% of total output. In 2015, China put forward the potato staple product development strategy, focus on cultivating the public consumption of nutrition and healthy potato staple food habits, and actively cultivate and expand the market. "We have to change this backward consumption structure." Zhang Hong told reporters that the potato is the whole food and vegetable food and water, and the use of raw materials, It has the advantages of low calorie, nutrient richness and high quality of protein. It is a major step to comprehensively promote the process of potato staple food, which is conducive to optimizing the structure of agricultural planting, breaking the rigid constraints of resources and environment, leading the agricultural upgrading, changing the agricultural growth mode and accelerating The development of modern agriculture, promote the integration of one two three.

At the same time, the staple food of our residents at this stage is mainly rice and wheat, nutrition is not comprehensive, high calorie, resulting in unreasonable staple food structure, therefore, the potato processed into bread, noodles, rice noodles with Chinese characteristics, Products, in line with the needs of our residents to improve the nutritional status.


  The staple of potato flour is not the higher the content the better

  Potato staple food, technological breakthrough is a big problem. Zhang Hong believes that China's potato industry, the existence of a single product consumption channels, the main varieties of the lack of food, low processing rate, low per capita consumption, the overall benefits of the industrial chain, such as low outstanding issues, to carry out potato staple food processing, one end of the connection consumption, , Is an important path of industrial transformation and upgrading. Potato staple processing technology and equipment research and innovation, to achieve the potato staple food of the difficulties and key.

For the early days of the potato staple food on the people's table, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of scientific research team to break through the potato processing technology problems, the successful development of potato noodles, rice noodles, rice, rice cakes, Nang, moon cake series of new products, create Integrated bionic rolling machine, industrial potato noodle production line, and other complete sets of equipment. At present, many of the technology and technology has been in the country more than 20 enterprises test applications, potato staple products up to 200 kinds, will sing "along the way" along the 21 countries.

According to reports, China's potato staple products in the potato powder content has reached 50%. So, the staple food potato powder is not the better? "Butterfly told reporters that the research team has also considered this issue, comprehensive processing costs and nutrients and other factors, for staple products, the potato flour of the potato flour Add the amount of 20% to 50% of the most reasonable.


  The future will reduce the low-cost product processing costs

  Potato staple food industry has important economic and social significance, the prospects are very broad. According to the Ministry of Agriculture planning, China's total potato production in 2020 amounted to 130 million tons, of which 30% for staple processing, processing 20 million tons of staple food. 2025 tons of 220 million tons, about 100 million tons for the staple food processing, potato consumption of staple food consumption of 50 million tons. According to 3: 1 conversion, can achieve 73 million tons of grain supply capacity.

Zhang Hong analysis, by 2015, the potato staple food strategy will promote the development of one or two production, driven by agricultural products processing industry is expected to more than 300 billion yuan added value. According to the increase of 300 yuan per acre benefits, 150 million mu of acreage, potato farmers planting potato net income is expected to increase 45 billion yuan. In the staple food strategy social benefits, potato staple food suitable for overweight, obesity, high blood pressure and high sodium and low potassium and other chronic patients eat, in line with the nutritional needs of our residents, and potato cold, drought, barren, etc., planting potatoes can improve land resources The efficiency of the use.

Despite the broad prospects, Zhang Hong also admitted that the high cost of potato staple processing is also an urgent problem to be solved in the future. "Potato staple products, the best potato, one ton cost of not more than 3,000 yuan, Gansu enterprises are trying.If the technology to promote the cost of the problem can still be resolved." Zhang Hong also added, "processing equipment Very important, once the development of our Chinese processing of potato staple food products, industrial development will have a greater progress. "(Peasant Daily)


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