2017 Transce Potato Planting Technology Exchange Conference

With the release of the potato processing industry in China, the potato planting area expanded to more than 100 million mu, with an average yield of 2300 kilograms per mu, with a total output of 130 million yuan, according to the release of China's Potato Processing Industry in the 13th Five-Year Development Plan (2016-2020) Ton, the crop more and more people and the outside world attention, potato planting technology is also gradually into the country all over the family friend's life.



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    In order to promote the rapid popularization and development of potato planting technology in China, March 7, 2017, Transce Agricultural Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. in the beautiful rich selenium date - Leling City held 2017 Transce potato planting technology exchange conference The Leling municipal party committee and government leaders, Transce business leaders, industry experts, as well as dealers from all over the country and potatoes and other large population of more than 600 people gathered together to share the event.



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On the morning of the 7th, the guests visited the food processing workshop of the Xisen group, so that the guests fully understand the whole process of the full mechanization of potatoes and the processing of potatoes as food. At the same time, the guests also visited the National Potato Engineering Technology Center, tissue culture workshop and beam cone village, the scene witnessed the technical strength of Transce, the participants of the Transce modern production workshop and processing technology have given praise and affirmation.


Guests visit the workshop



Transce Potato Machinery


      Afternoon, the exchange of meetings officially began. Leling City Vice Mayor Yin Zongfeng speech, he first Leling City, the current development of potato machinery to introduce the status of the country and introduced the potatoes to introduce a positive policy to explain the same time, as the potato machinery enterprises to lead the company's high hopes.

Subsequently, Mr. Sheng Zhaokun, general manager of the Shisheng Potato Industry Group, introduced the basic situation of the Shisheng Tiancheng Potato Industry Group. With the support of the municipal government of Dezhou municipal government, Xisen Tiancheng has established long-term cooperative relationship with the National Potato Engineering Technology Research Center, China Agricultural University, Shandong University of Technology and other research institutes, and set up the intelligent production of potato production equipment in Shandong Province Technical research center for the industry key technology research and development and industrialization demonstration to provide technical support and services. Xisen Potato Industry Group has become China's potato industry's carrier-class leading enterprises, is the National Potato Engineering Technology Research Center relying on enterprises, from breeding to field planting to the staple food to form an integrated organic food chain.


 Xisen Potato Group Manager Liang Zhaokun. Introduce the basic situation of  group


    At the meeting, Mr. Li Xueqiang, Deputy General Manager of Transce, introduced the development status and future development direction of the Company from the aspects of product planning, technology research and development, production guarantee and sales service. He said that Transce has now developed a series of potato planting machinery, such as tillage machine, potato planting machine, cultivating ridge fertilizer machine, sprayer spraying machine, seedling machine, harvester and sorting transportation machinery, Has 7 major series, more than 30 products, of which 8 products, 10 models of potato machinery products, respectively, through the provincial agricultural machinery to promote identification. In the potato mechanization of the whole research and development and technical reserves have been in the forefront of the country. Has been awarded the national authorized invention patents 9, utility model patents 13, 5 invention patents. For the potato cultivation of mechanized technology development and transformation of the results laid a solid foundation. He said that within the next few years, Transce will continue to improve the product chain, improve production efficiency, to provide users with better products, and plans to achieve full intellectual potato planting, management, harvest technology, truly accurate, accurate, efficient, green Environmental protection agriculture, in the next few years to achieve further stability of product quality, and strive to make products reach the world leading level.


Mr. Li


 In recent years, Transce take advantage of the brand, the marketing channels for a variety of expansion and transformation, has been established in a number of platforms distribution network, and with the electricity business platform for in-depth cooperation for dealers and users to provide more competitive Brand promotion and more convenient and quick way to buy, to achieve the online line under the line of sales model, but also to Transce company's products quickly occupied the market, to achieve high-speed growth and leap-forward development. Different from other industry competitors, Transce  pay more attention to corporate service concept and user experience,Transce  carefully created a super professional quality of the service team, hoping to solve the first time for customers, the company Will also provide maximum support in the sales policy, in addition, monopoly channel investment, promotional activities, staffing, etc. will be implemented one by one. Establish a good after-sales service system, so that customers in the use of Transce  products to eliminate worries to meet customer needs. 





 In order to make the participants more detailed understanding of the potato planting technology and agricultural agronomic knowledge, Transce invited the National Potato Engineering Technology Research Center, Dr. Xie and Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences Vegetable Flower Research Institute Dr. Wang, the international potato industry for the status quo, The northern potato cultivation technology and the Xisen group products were introduced and explained.



National Potato Engineering Technology Research Center - Xie Kaiyun



Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences Vegetable and Flower Research Institute - Wang Peilun


At the end of this exchange, the company's strategic partners, including Shenzhen Connaught letter letter Agrochemical Co., Ltd., three agricultural flourishing financial leasing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Anhui six countries Chemical Co., Ltd., respectively, to explain their own Of the characteristics of the product.

Transce adhering to the "customer first" service concept, concerned about customer needs and experience, to create the most well-known domestic potato machinery service brand. The success of this exchange conference greatly enhanced the cohesion between dealers, users and Transce . Looking to the future, Transce  will continue to work hard, continuous innovation, upgrading, and achieved new breakthroughs to better customers return products.

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General Manager Liang Xicheng and Deputy General Manager Yang Xiaoguang toast for guests 


Sign the purchase contract


Sign the purchase contract 


Guests visit the factory

Guests visit the factory

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