The Policy and Prospect of Potato Staple

Transce Potato Planter
      China's potato cultivation in the world, there are 146 countries have cultivated production. According to the statistics of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the total area of ​​potato cultivated in the world is 1848 hm, with an average yield of 16 t / hm. The distribution is mainly in Europe and Asia, with about 53% in Europe and 31% in Asia. Potato production is growing, especially in developing countries. Developed countries in the world cultivation area of ​​1095.6hm, accounting for 59.6% of the world's cultivated area, the total output of 1052.99 million tons, accounting for about 65% of the world's total output. Large areas of cultivation of Russia, Poland, the United States and so on. Developed countries are relatively high yields, such as the Netherlands for the 45t / hm United States 38t / hm Germany 35t / hm, equivalent to about three times the developing countries. The following are the same as the "
"Small potatoes, big industry." China's potato planting area accounted for one fifth of the world, production accounted for a quarter of the world. We should and should be able to make potatoes into large industries, which need to accelerate the introduction and cultivation of fine varieties. And strive to improve the degree of transformation of potatoes, and constantly open up the potato consumer market "learn big and grams strong prime minister also attaches great importance to the development of potato industry, potato staple food as a national strategy will further promote the development of the industry. Potatoes today's development, we would like to thank Qu Dongyu Jin Li Ping Chen Yili and countless potatoes old and struggling potatoes on the road in the industry for many years, the best way to thank is to fight side by side with our precious life to promote industrial development, breeding better potato varieties, species More nutritious and more delicious potatoes, to make more valuable products to ensure that China's food security, so that people live happier
2016, with China's "potato processing industry," thirteen five "development plan (2016-2020)" release, by 2020, potato planting area expanded to more than 100 million mu, the average yield increased to 1300 kg, total output Reaching about 130 million tons.
February 24, 2016, in order to implement the spirit of the central document No. 1 and the new situation under the national food security strategic plan, the Ministry of Agriculture officially released "on the promotion of potato industry development guidance" With the introduction of the relevant national policy, for us Said that this is an opportunity, but also a challenge.

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