4UX-80 Potato Harvester is a new potato harvesting facility. This equipment can better adapt to the requirements of potato planting agronomic and growth characteristics in China. It can realize the functions of excavation, soil removal and laying. The whole process is smooth and the single ridge double ridge or single ridge single crop can be harvested. This machine is used for potato harvest, can greatly reduce the human demand, reduce the shortage of rural labor, reduce the cost of harvest operations.

    The main features of the machine:
1) High harvest efficiency, low breakage rate, low breaking rate 
2) Using the excavation device into the angle and transport separation device litigation angle consistent with the design, an effective solution to the problem after the shovel;
3) Using overload protection, effective protection equipment; 
4) 25 ~ 35 horsepower tractor can be driven, and at this stage most of the farmers have a small four-wheel tractor with the application, with a wide range of adaptive power, less investment, quick and so on.

Operation and use
1. According to the need to adjust the vibration size, will support the rubber tire bolts, rubber wheel up, vibration becomes smaller, rubber tire down, vibration becomes larger.
2. Chain drive device with overload protection, when the harvester overload, the main passive side of the friction between the slip, to protect the machine parts from damage. The overload torque can be adjusted by adjusting the nut. When the nut is rotated counterclockwise, the overload torque becomes smaller and the overload torque becomes larger when clockwise is rotated. Note that the adjustment of the three bolts should be consistent.
3. Adjust the tractor's three-point suspension and limit the height of the wheel, and its lock, so that digging shovel excavation depth of 20 to 30 cm. 


Technical Parameters: 




Parameters Index

Structural style


Trifilar suspension type

Overall dimension



Machine weight



Tractor engine power



Working row(ridge) number


1 ridge and 1 row/ 1 ridge and 2 rows

Operation width



Applicable ridge width



Digging depth



Pure working time productivity



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