Product Description:

4UQ-170A potato harvester is a large and medium-sized mechanical equipment developed by Transce in close cooperation with National Potato Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong University of Technology and other scientific research institutes. Line spacing can be adjusted, potato soil separation, potato seedling separation, and potato block laying can be achieved. It has advanced features such as high rate of clear potatoes, low rate of injured potatoes, and low peeling rate. The technical level is significantly better than similar products in the market.
1. Width-limiting disc cutter: It is mainly used to cut the ground along both sides of the potato ridge along with weeds, which is good for digging parts and prevent clogging of stems and weeds on both sides of the machine.
2. Excavation parts: used to dig up the potato and the entire width of the soil, while the auxiliary shovel can prevent hard objects such as stones from damaging the conveyor chain.
3. Repression depth-limiting device: It is mainly composed of profiled depth-limiting wheels, supports and adjustment mechanisms. Profiled depth-limiting wheels are used to control and adjust the digging depth of the digging shovel, and loosen potatoes and soil, which is beneficial to the later separation of potatoes and soil. . In order to reduce the damage to potatoes, the profiled depth-limiting wheel is enlarged in diameter.
4. Grille type conveying and separating screen and shaker wheel combination: The conveying belt is driven by driving wheels. The driving wheels are rubber teeth. It meshes well with the steel grid. It has light abrasion and long life. This type of conveying and separating screen is reliable and potato Less damage. The shaking wheel can shake and convey the separation sieve to improve the separation ability of potatoes and soil.
5. Potato collecting and shaping device: By adjusting the potato collecting plate, the potato is laid on the compacted ground. This device greatly improves the rate of clear potatoes for later picking.
6. Overload clutch drive shaft: If the load is too large, the drive shaft slips to protect the machine from injury.

Optional Device:

1. Potato seedling separation mechanism: It is mainly composed of stalk rolls and pressure barriers, which separates potato stalks and potatoes, and has the function of removing potato stalks and weeds.

2. Seedling-side output mechanism: It is mainly composed of a conveyor frame, a conveyor belt, and a power transmission mechanism. It transports potato stems, leaves, and weeds from the potato seedling separation mechanism and the tail sieve to the side ditch for laying. On the ground.

3. Tail screen: Potatoes that have passed through the conveying separation screen and potato seedling separation mechanism fall on the tail screen, and through reverse operation, the weeds with light specific gravity are sent to the upper side and dropped on the output side of the seedlings and conveyed to the side. The potatoes with a large specific gravity are regularly laid on the ground through the potato collecting and shaping laying device.


Technical Parameters




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Structural style




Overall dimension (length×width×height)




Machine weight 




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