2CM-4 potato planting machine is a large-scale mechanized potato planting machinery developed by Transce and Shandong University of Science and Technology, Shandong Agricultural Machinery Science Research Institute. With advanced characteristics such as high combination, high precision and high adaptability, it is possible to complete a series of operations such as ditching, planting, ridge, fertilization and spraying, adopting advanced vibration, lifting seeding technology, , Low seed rate, high precision planting, the use of precision planting units and precise control of planting depth of technology, improve product adaptability, the performance indicators, quality indicators have been tested by the relevant departments, trial production products meet the relevant quality standards The use of the 2CM-4 potato planting machine has brought great convenience to the potato planting and production, reduced labor intensity, improved labor productivity, reduced production cost, and improved comprehensive benefits.

The potato planting machine planting unit with a self-intellectual property rights of the "bowl of spoon" type of seed device and vibration, shaking, chain tensioning mechanism, to achieve without the need for artificial to achieve precision seeding, so that leakage index than the current Less than 15%, reduced to less than 10%, heavy index than the current less than 25%, reduced to less than 20%, seedling bud damage rate than the current less than 2%, reduced to less than 1.5% , Seed potato spacing qualified index than the current not less than 67%, increased to not less than 85%.

The depth control of potato planting machine is controlled by single body limited profile, which solves the unevenness of planting depth caused by geographical and soil factors and improves the stability of sowing depth.

The existing potato growers use plow-type soil or disk-type soil pad, the angle is not easy to adjust, ridge irregular. The potato planting machine broke through the inherent model, developed a disc-type rudder, the scope of application has been expanded to make the applicable spacing than the current 600-700mm, increased to 700-900mm, to adapt to the current spacing of 200-350mm, To 170-440mm, ridge control more diverse, able to meet the different agronomic requirements.


The potato bowl is designed into three different sizes of interchangeable, staggered and other spacing arranged in the seed device potatoes on the back of the bowl spoon with a flanging. To adapt to the scope of the seed potato has been expanded from the traditional 30-50 grams, expanded to 15-80 grams.

Spraying system uses a higher degree of atomization of the PTFE nozzle, not only its angle adjustable, but also by the traditional seed potato after the spray to change the front and rear spray, so that more closely covered.

Technical Parameters



Parameter Index

Structural style



Overall dimension



Machine weight



Tractor engine power



Applicable row spacing



Working row(ridge) number


4 ridges and 4 rows

Working width



Seed case volume



Fertilizer case volume



Rated capality of medicine chest




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