1LF-550 Turnover plow is used for potato tillage and land preparation machinery, can be completed loose soil, weeding, and other operations. The hydraulic tumbling plow is used by the tractor to support the movements of the plow and the rollover of the plow by the double distributor.

      The hydraulic reversing plow includes a hanger, a tumbler, a retracting mechanism, a ground mechanism, a plow and a plow, and is driven by the telescopic movement of the piston rod in the cylinder to move forward and backward alternately to the work Position; ground wheel is a screw to adjust the depth of a round of dual-use institutions. The pylons are connected with the working host, the plow is connected with the plow frame through the plow column, the plow frame is provided with a ground wheel mechanism, characterized in that the cylinder in the tumbler cylinder is hinged with the cylinder block connected to the plow frame, There is a telescopic movement of the piston rod, fixed on the plow frame with a central axis, in the central axis of the center of the rear sleeve and the piston rod hinge, the front end and fixed on the suspension beam, the piston rod with the cylinder , Plow connection to drive the central axis in the central sleeve to do rotary motion.

1) Large plowing device 
There are plow tip, plow shovel, plow neck plate, plow arm, plow brush, stay, adjust the screw combination, plow, plow side plate composition. Plowing through a special heat treatment, especially solid and hard, plowing angle can be adjusted, turning mattress, broken soil, covering performance, resistance is small. Plow wall after hard treatment, unique high-speed surface design, high wear resistance. 

2 )Small plowing device
The small plow can ensure the smooth turning effect, suitable for multi-crop, the depth of its work can be quickly and easily through the locking pin to adjust the work depth of the location of the precise positioning of the hole to ensure the quality of the work of the small plow.

3 )Limited transport wheel
It can be easily converted between the two functions of depth and transport, the depth of work can be in the case without lifting the wheel quickly through the lock to change. In the transport was fixed in the central position. The plow beam is at the center of the transport position when using the limited transport wheel. Change the pin position of the operation is simple and quick, lock pin automatically fall into place.

4 )Hydraulic cylinder
It has a double acting steering cylinder and built-in automatic anti-shift locating pin, precise conversion, smooth flipping, no need to shift after plowing. 


Technical Parameters



Parameter Index

Overall dimension 






Tractor engine power



Operation width



Deep scarification depth 





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