This product is the four ridge four rows, suitable for ridge distance of 900mm, can be completed once the seedling removal and combing shunt operations. It is easy to separate from the stems and seedlings. The aging of the epidermis can also significantly reduce the harvest. The machine is easy to operate, the seedling effect is good, the reliability is good, the operation efficiency is high, and it is guaranteed that the skin of the potato tubers is full of cork, Commodity potato quality, crushed after the stems and trees to field, can improve soil fertility. The potato transplanter for 90 cm ridge distance, ridge height between 15 to 30 cm, and the ridge shape of the circumference of not more than 110 cm of potato harvest before the seedlings cut. 

Its specific innovation has the following aspects:

       (Figure 4.1), there are long straight blade, long curved blade, curved blade, oblique blade and short straight blade composed of five kinds of blades, according to the characteristics of the potato ridge Arranged in the top of the potato ridge using a short straight blade, in the potato ridge on both sides of the ramp at the use of oblique blade and curved blade, in the bottom of the furrow ridge using a long blade, the arrangement can achieve a good cutting effect.

Figure 4.1

Long machete blade

The tractor transmits the power to the gearbox through the drive shaft, which transmits the power to the large pulley on both sides of the drive shaft through the left and right sides. The large pulley passes through the belt to the small pulley and the small pulley drives the seedling shaft to kill the seedlings.


 The diversion baffle runs along the top of the potato ridge, which divides the resected seedlings and weeds into furrows on both sides, facilitating the harvest of the later harvester.




Technical Parameters



Patameter Index

Structural style


Trifilar suspension type

Overall dimension



Machine weight



Tractor engine power



Operation width





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