3ZMP-360 Suspended Potato Cultivated Soil Fertilizer is an agricultural machinery used in potato cultivating soil, which can complete the operation of loose soil, weeding, ridge construction and top dressing, and both to improve the temperature and soil moisture.

Structural features:
*1、The machine frame adopts double beam rectangular frame structure, strong strength, good rigidity, no deformation;

*2、This machine uses the S-curved elastic shovel, which enhances the elasticity of the shovel so that the hard objects (such as stones) in the soil can be destroyed to the lowest of the
whole machine.

*3、The machine is cultivated by the soil of the soil into a trapezoid, by adjusting the soil and the ground angle can be adjusted ridge height and ridge width;
Applicable scope
*1、The potato cultivated cultivated soil topdressing machine for 90 cm ridge distance, the ridge height between 25 to 30 cm, and the ridge around the length of about 110 cm of potato cultivation ridge ridge operations. Its operation requires soil moisture content of not more than 25%, the proposed operating speed of 4 to 6 km per hour.  

*2、The machine is more suitable for sandy soil and other light soil, its sandy soil with stones in the operation than other models have a significant effect, but in heavy soil (such as clay) operating effect is poor.


Technical Parameters:

No. Item Unit Parameter Index
1 Structural style  
Trifilar suspension type
2 Overall dimension mm 2370×3720×1530
3 Machine weight kg 1020
4 Tractor engine power kW 92-132.3
5    Applicable row(ridge) spacing mm 900
6 Operation width mm 3600
9 Working ridge number / 4
10    Small elastic tooth deep cm 5-10
11 Large elastic tooth deep cm 8-20

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