With the state of agricultural machinery to increase investment subsidies, modern plant protection machinery is entering the hands of farmers. The emergence of plant protection machinery to solve the shortage of labor, improve production efficiency and the accuracy of agricultural machinery. Plant protection is an important part of agroforestry production. Is to ensure that the high yield of agricultural and forestry one of the important measures. According to the existing development of plant protection machinery, Transce developed a suitable for field crops, plant protection machinery - 3WP-1200 sprayer sprayer.


Technical innovation

1、Energy saving and environmental protection

There are independent dispensing box; independent bottles of medicine cans cleaning device; with anti-drip device to prevent dripping, reduce phytotoxicity, environmental pollution.


The use of hydraulic technology, one-button operation, easy to operate, safe and stable. Spray rod lift using the company's patented technology (hydraulic cylinder and the combination of spring), one-button operation, smooth lift; spray folding using the company's proprietary hydraulic control technology, so that the spray from the inside out orderly start, From outside to inside in turn put away, so that the entire spray bar balance, stability, high safety factor, easy to operate.

3、Folding Control Technology of Spray Bar Sprayer

At present the market has not yet spray bar for the spray bar folding control system, because the spray bar is too long, in the placement, steering process is not convenient. So, we based on the existence of similar products defects, developed a spray bar folding control technology. Which comprises a triangular plate including fixed vertex, active vertex and passive vertex, which are hinged at the fixed vertex at the fixed vertex and hinged at the active vertex with the output end of the hydraulic cylinder, Hinged at the passive apex, the cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder being hinged to the folded spray bar. And a connecting rod is arranged between the passive vertex and the folding spray bar, one end of the connecting rod is hinged on the passive vertex and the other end is hinged on the folding spray rod of the spray gun sprayer through the hinge shaft. Said connecting rod being bent, and when the folding bar is folded, the bending point of said connecting rod is located at the front of the connecting line at both ends thereof. The hinge shaft is mounted on the folding rod, and on the opposite side of the boom hinge shaft, when the spray rod is folded, the hinge shaft is always located on the inside of the active vertex and the passive vertex, and the fixed vertex is connected to the outside of the passive vertex. As a result of the hydraulic cylinder as the driving force, driven by the hydraulic cylinder, folding spray bar around the fixed vertex can do 180 ° rotation, and the movement is smooth, so that the two spray rods slowly and smoothly folded together.

4、Protection technology of end spray bar for sprayer sprayer

When the spray bar spray machine operation, the rotation of the shaft under the action of the hydraulic rod can not turn, then if the end of the spray rod to the obstacles, the end of the boom by the forward force impact, it will produce forward or backward rotation Force, the groove of the fixed block slides from the lateral bar so that the end of the boom is rotated forward or backward, slows the impact of the obstacle on the end of the spray bar, protects the safety of the spray gun or the obstacle, Elimination, the role of the spring, the end of the spray bar and return to the original position. The device structure is simple, the protective effect is obvious.


5、Locking system for sprayer sprayer

 When the boom is extended, the cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder is extended and the locking lever falls into the slot of the boom fixed hinge block, locking the boom fixing hinge so that it can not swing around the center of gravity The rod is locked, so that it can not swing, to prevent the expansion is not synchronized caused by the spray rod and equipment damage, until both sides of the spray bar are fully open, then balance on both sides, the center of gravity and the axis of gravity axis coincidence, Due to the increase in hydraulic pressure, the hydraulic cylinder of the cylinder rod contraction, locking rod from the rod fixed articulated block of the card slot, spray rod and spray rod fixed hinge block can swing around the center of gravity, the walking machine shaking the The rod is extended, the locking rod falls into the slot of the boom fixed hinge block, and the rod fixing hinge block is locked so as not to be able to rotate around the center of gravity axis Swing, to achieve the lock bar lock state. So that the implementation of the spraying operation, the spray rod can swing around its axis of gravity, and stretching, folding, and its lock, so that it can not swing around the axis of gravity, both to ensure the effect of spraying, but also to ensure that the spray bar and Safety of the machine.

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Technical Parameters



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Spray bar expansion length



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