MODEL NO: 5S2-40

Product Advantages:

1. Equipped with two imported two-speed stainless steel electric drums.

2. The legs consist of 8 brake universal wheels and two steerable wheels to accommodate uneven ground.

3. The linkage function between devices can realize one-button sequential startup and one-button stop.

4. High work efficiency, up to 40t / hour.

5. Large radius of rotation, up to 6m.

6. Material outlets are equipped with buffers to reduce material damage.

7. The maximum length is close to 16m.

8. The upper and lower layers contain 14 long rollers and 30 small idlers, which make the conveyor belt load and smooth.

9. The upper and lower layers are smooth and easy to operate.

10. Lifting adjustment rod, jack and other structures make the height adjustment convenient.
Product Instructions:

    The 5S2-40 double-layer potato conveyor is a device for transporting potatoes in the field and warehouse. After the potatoes are shipped through clearing or other equipment, the potatoes are transported to other locations via a double potato conveyor. The device is equipped with two two-speed electric drums, front and rear liftable bases, unique tensioning passive wheel and steering ground wheel. It is easy to operate, convenient and practical, stable and efficient. When the equipment is used together with other sorting equipment produced by the company, linkage control between the equipment can be realized, which can improve work efficiency and effectively ensure human-machine safety.

    5S2-40 double-layer potato conveyor is mainly composed of frame, front and rear base, distribution box, electric drum, tension adjustment passive wheel, electrical connection parts and so on. This machine is equipped with eight brake universal wheels and two steering ground wheels. It can be easily moved to the working place before the official operation. After observing the position of the front and rear equipment overlapping with the double-layer conveyor, it will be up and down. The layers are stretched through the joints and the double conveyor inlet and outlet are adjusted to a suitable height and angle by adjusting the height of the front and rear lift bases. After lapping with the front and rear equipment, turn on the power, press the start button, the conveyor motor starts to run, and the whole machine is in the standby state. After the potatoes are transported through cleaning or other conveying equipment, they fall into the receiving hopper on the upper layer of the double-layer conveyor and transport the potatoes to the target position through the upper and lower conveyor belts.


5S2-40 Potato double belt conveyor




Parameter Index

Overall dimension



Machine weight



Maximum processing capacity



Maximum length



Maximum height



Maximum radius of gyration




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